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Private Pilot Course


The Private Pilot Licence (Helicopters) allows you to fly helicopters for pleasure without receiving remuneration for any flying you carry out. This is also the first step towards becoming a professional helicopter pilot. Once you hold a PPL(H), you can hire our helicopters and begin exploring and flying away to exciting landing sites such as country houses, restaurants, or pubs. You are also permitted to take passengers flying once qualified.

Pre-Entry Requirements

Whilst you can begin your pilot training at 14, there are some age restrictions before flying solo or obtaining your licence which you will find below. You do not need any prior qualifications to begin your pilot training either. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to fly and when it comes to the exams, we offer ground school sessions that you can take advantage of to prepare yourself. We will say, however, that at least a basic understanding of mathematics and physics is recommended before beginning the course.


There are no specific pre-entry requirements for this course, however:

  • A Class 2 medical certificate must be held before first solo flight
  • Students must be at least 16 years of age to fly solo
  • Students must be 17 years of age before taking the final skill test

Our Location

Our location at Humberside International Airport is fantastic for flight training because this is a relatively quiet international airport offering full ATC facilities and the challenge of coordinating with larger commercial traffic. The skills you learn here will help prepare you for flight at virtually any location in the world and indeed anywhere in the UK.

Once you have completed your course and qualified as a PPL(H) holder, you will hold a UK CAA licence.

Course Contents

  • Minimum 45 hours flight training including 10 hours solo
  • Solo 100nm Qualifying Cross Country with landings at 2 other airports
  • Skill test with CAA flight examiner
  • 9 multiple choice examinations
  • Practical Radio Telephony examination
  • Ground school as required (recommend at least one hour per exam)
  • Course materials and equipment can all be bought in-house