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News Article – Career Seminar – 16.02.19

We welcomed a group of enthusiastic future pilots to Hummingbird Helicopters this Saturday at our very first Helicopter Pilot Career Day. The day was a huge success with an informative presentation delivered to the attendees at Doncaster Sheffield airport in which we discussed the route to becoming a helicopter pilot, whether that be recreationally or to a professional level.

Topics covered in the presentation included an introduction to the helicopter industry, Doncaster Sheffield airport as a training location, the route of training to become a pilot, costs and much more. After the presentation, our attendees enjoyed a tour of the facilities and helicopter before they enjoyed a trial lesson on what was a beautiful clear sky day.

Some of those prospective students have already begun their flight training as well as working through the materials to study for the 9 PPL exams that are required. We very much look forward to continuing their training.

We have already announced the date of our next Helicopter Pilot Career Day on the 30th March where we hope to welcome another group of budding student pilots. If you are interested in attending and would like to find out more information, please follow the link to our contact form attached below or call us on 01302 802221.

The industry needs more pilots and these career days are designed to openly inform you about the opportunities that are available to you, how you can get there with us here at Hummingbird Helicopters and of course, what the costs are. If you are thinking about beginning flight training, please do come along to this free event and meet us.