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how important is drone training?

One of the main questions that we get asked is how important is drone training? Although drone training isn’t required to fly a drone as a hobby we highly recommend you undertake some form of drone training.


Safety is number one priority


Being safe whilst flying your drone is essential especially during takeoff and landing. Flying your drone safely should be the first thing you learn before anything else which is why I recommend you undertake some form of drone training.


During takeoff and landing is when you’re most likely to crash your drone or injure yourself which is why it’s important to know what to do. During take off you need to make sure that your drone is on a flat, level surface otherwise it might take off in a diagonal line and crash. It’s also important to land on a flat surface otherwise your drone might bounce and hit you.


Crashing your drone into the ground or into someone can be quite the setback especially if you hit somebody. Drone training can help to give you a basic understanding of safe take-offs and landings along with the safety measures during flight.


More advanced techniques


Once you have built up safe flying techniques you can begin to learn more advanced techniques which are learnt through advanced drone training courses. The standard PfCO Course that you go on for commercial use trains you the basics along with safe flying.


However, if you’re looking for more advanced techniques such as filming angles, film shots, and video types you’ll need to go on a more advanced course. These are really helpful for developing your skills and can help you to advance in a drone career. For instance, you can be trained to do aerial mapping which is really useful as a lot of people are looking for aerial mapping.



Compulsory for commercial work


Although you can get away without training in a hobby sense this isn’t applicable for commercial work. Commercial work requires you to undergo training and complete a PfCO Course which grants you permission from the CAA to fly commercially. This drone training makes sure you’re competent enough and safe enough to fly commercially.


To summarise


To summarise: Drone training is important as it gives you the essential techniques you need to carry out drone work. Not only this but it trains you how to be safe whilst flying which is an absolute must.

That’s all we have time for this blog. We hope that we’ve given you a brief insight on how important drone training is.

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