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Seven Reasons Why Helicopter Trial Lessons Make The Perfect Gift

Whether you want to experience the thrill of helicopter flying and get hands-on experience or you want to take your first steps towards your Helicopters Pilot’s Licence, Helicopter flying trial lessons make for an unforgettable gift. 

If you don’t feel like flying, don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy the fantastic views, with breathtaking sights over Yorkshire. 

We don’t think you should even give it a second thought but in case you need some further convincing here are seven reasons why Helicopter Trial Lessons make the perfect gift.

Top Seven Reasons Why Helicopter Trial Lessons Make The Perfect Gift

1, Helicopter trial lessons last forever

Helicopter trial lessons are one of our most popular helicopter flying experiences. Everyone can enjoy the amazing experience of flying which no other gift can rival. Driving a car is nothing compared to the thrill of actually piloting a helicopter and it is a memory someone can treasure. 

Helicopter trial lessons are the perfect gift for someone special to you because it is so out of the ordinary it will break you out of your routine and the monotony of restaurant dinners and movie nights. Helicopter rides are the perfect opportunity to share a romantic adventure together.


2, Face your fears by flying a helicopter

Many people get nervous from just flying as a passenger on a commercial passenger jet. But the thing is… flying is not actually all that scary. What you actually fear is the total lack of control and no view except for the tiny window at your side. On a helicopter trial lesson you will overcome any fear you have as our professional instructor pilots will give you a comprehensive briefing before you set off and explain to you exactly what will be happening and when. 

Once you are up there you will get the opportunity to take control of the helicopter under the close guidance of your instructor pilot and before you know it all the nerves and fear you had will be a distant memory and you will have acquired a new skill, few have the courage to attempt.


3, Challenge yourself to learn a hard skill

Helicopter flying is not an inherited skill that you can be naturally good at, there is no such thing as a born pilot. If you doubt your abilities or lack confidence then we teach people from all walks of life how to fly a helicopter and there is no way you will ever doubt your abilities again when you know that you can pilot a helicopter. Sure, some people take to things faster than others and piloting a helicopter is no different. It will challenge you to memorise procedures and checklists for safety, like this Helicopter Pilot’s Checklist, and some basic coordination will help you pick it up quicker. 

Anyone can learn to fly a helicopter and you can do it too with help from our expert flight instructors. If you are looking for an extra-tough but highly rewarding challenge then helicopter flight lessons are your gift of choice, whether it’s for yourself or to challenge someone you know closely.


4, Helicopters are cool

It is something we all know instinctively, helicopters are cool. Not only can they travel at speeds of upto 351mph, that’s faster than any car on the planet! The world record for altitude is 40,820ft, which is higher than Mont Blanc.

Flying a helicopter is a totally unique experience. Forget driving a shiny supercar around a track, the real exhilarating thrill ride adrenaline seekers desire is up in the air. Once you’ve tried a helicopter flying experience gift, you will never look at flying the same again.


5, Spectacular views

One of the coolest things about a helicopter is its ability to take you much lower than an airplane. Our Robinson helicopters give a panoramic view from below waist height all the way to the roof and our pilots fly you at a height that means you can actually recognise all of Yorkshire’s iconic landmarks from the air and enjoy an aerial guided tour. 

Once you’ve had a taste of those panoramic views you won’t ever want to stop. Some of our previous helicopter flying experience customers have gone on to gain their full helicopter pilot’s licence and made it a regular hobby or even career.


6, Bring your mates along for the ride

At Hummingbird Helicopters we offer flights in both the Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters. The R22 is a 2-seater ideal for hands-on lessons, whereas the R-44 is a roomier, comfier ride with space to bring along two extra friends to share the experience with you as passengers. 

The R-44 has other advantages too. It’s faster and can fly further and there’ll be a bottle of bubbly at the end of it too for your friends and family to enjoy and a certificate of achievement to mark the occasion.


7, Perfect for budding photographers

Give the gift of unbeatable pictures. If you know a shutterbug, a helicopter ride offers plenty of amazing photo opportunities. Once you are up in the air there are plenty of chances to enjoy snapping breathtaking views. A helicopter has the unique ability to ascend vertically and hover, meaning you will get the chance for photo ops you would not otherwise have.



A helicopter flight lesson is the perfect first step for anyone thinking of flying a helicopter. At Hummingbird we have trained pilots from all walks of life – everyone is capable of learning but the best way to experience is to book a trial lesson with us.

After booking your trial lesson you will have had one of the best 20 minutes – 1 hour of your life. If it has left you hungry for more, you are more than welcome to enquire about our helicopter training lessons.



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