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ground school

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Ground School

The great thing about doing Ground School when learning to fly is that it really helps you to understand the practical skills you are mastering during your flight training. It’s also fun and rewarding!

Here at Hummingbird, we have the facilities and space to offer professional ground school instruction, which will be specifically tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle. Hummingbird has a dedicated Training Room where you will receive one-to-one instruction. 

Being an excellent pilot is not just about your ability to control the machine but also about having a solid foundation of knowledge. This knowledge will aid you in being a confident, safe pilot and, crucially, will improve your decision making. 

The Exams

Once you are confident in a subject we will recommend you for the exam which you are able to sit in our Training Room. The exams are multiple choice with a pass mark of 75%. Don’t worry – our expert instructors will make sure that you are ready!

Exams will be taken in the  following subjects :

• Air Law
• Aircraft General Knowledge
• Flight Performance and Planning
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• Navigation
• Operational Procedures
• Principles of Flight
• Communications

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Completely Flexible

Hummingbird offer ground school by the hour or full or half-days. You can do all or some of your learning in our training room or you may prefer to self-study at home.  

However you choose to complete your Ground School, at Hummingbird we are completely flexible.

Lastly, you don’t have to be a Hummingbird flying student to undertake our Ground School courses. 

For more information, see our price list or get in touch!