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Commercial Pilot Course


The Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopters) is your ticket to begin working as a helicopter pilot and earning money for the flying that you do. A UK CAA CPL(H) can take you all over the world as a highly recognised qualification. As a commercial pilot, you could enter into sectors of the industry including tourism and charter, offshore oil and gas, helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), police, and so much more.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Current type rating on R22 or R44 as required for training
  • 155 hours* total flight time on helicopters
  • EASA ATPL(H) or CPL(H) Theoretical Examinations completed
  • Class 1 medical certificate

*total hours requirement may be reduced for holders of PPL(A) or CPL(A)

Our Location

Here at Hummingbird Helicopters, we have a wealth of commercial experience. We want to transfer and pass on our knowledge to the next generation of pilots coming into such a dynamic and exciting industry with our high standards of training at a great location in Humberside International Airport.

Humberside International Airport is a relatively quiet international airport offering full ATC facilities and the challenge of coordinating with larger commercial traffic. The skills you learn here will help prepare you for flight at virtually any location in the world.

Course Contents

  • 30 hours day VFR flight training;
  • of which 10 hours are simulated instrument flight
  • 5 hours night VFR flight training;
  • including 5 solo circuits including take-offs and landings
  • Associated ground school and flight briefings