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Choosing a Helicopter Flight School? Read These DOs and DONTs First

You’re ready to begin taking your first steps to becoming a qualified pilot but you have to get over the hurdle of choosing the right flying school. Here’s our advice…

1. DO: Choose a training school which has quality facilities

You will be investing a significant amount of time in your chosen school. Make sure that you are in a supportive environment, where you can get comfortable in your surroundings and feel more at ease. Consider the location of your helicopter flight school to ensure that the facilities are top notch and that’s it’s in a good location. Make sure you enquire about what learning materials and equipment will be made available to you to help you with your critical theory examinations.

2. DONT: Choose a training school which is all talk

If a training school makes a lot of promises that sound too good to be true, then they probably are. For example, if you are promised you’ll be able to get a job the second you’ve built up your minimum number of flying hours then they’re probably over-promising to get you excited to sign up with them. There are plenty of opportunities for new pilots however the helicopter industry is highly competitive and a job isn’t always guaranteed.

Make sure you choose a helicopter school that is straight-talking, professional and has the experience to help graduates keep making progress after they’ve graduated. Ask how your helicopter flight school can help you after you’ve graduated.

3. DO: Choose a training school with an impressive track record

Look beyond what the flight school is telling you in their marketing and advertising. Results matter – dig deeper to discover how your flight school will develop students. Go to open days and make sure to ask about past alumni who have gone on to have successful careers in the aviation industry. This will give you a real-world account of what to expect from someone that was once in your footsteps.

4. DONT: Choose a training school which has poorly maintained aircraft

Look at the facilities and staff and check whether they have seasoned mechanics and professional crew looking after the aircraft you are going to fly. What helicopters do they have available? Are they suitable for learning to fly in? These are the kind of things you can evaluate to help you choose a top quality flight school.

5. DONT: Choose a training school without the resources you need

How much time and attention is your flight school able to give you to ensure that you develop your skills and abilities thoroughly and prepare you to achieve your pilot’s licence? Go too small and they won’t have the resources and staff you need. When looking for a helicopter flight school make sure you pay attention to what resources will be at your disposal.

Are you thinking about choosing Hummingbird Helicopters?

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We hope you find this guide to choosing the right helicopter school helpful and we look forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for our next open days:

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