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Helicopter Pilot Training

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Obtaining a flying licence is no longer reserved for the rich and famous.

Flying a helicopter is quite simply the most exhilarating and rewarding experience you could ever wish to accomplish. The challenge of mastering the most versatile utility vehicle ever designed is one to be truly proud of. At Hummingbird, we offer a range of helicopter pilot training programmes to suit your budget and ultimate goal – which is, of course, to FLY!

Challenge Yourself

The first step in achieving your goal of gaining a Private Pilot’s Licence or a Light Aircraft’s Pilot Licence is to give us a ring or pop in for a chat. We will discuss everything with you – from the course syllabus to the final flight test. And of course, we can show you around our Robinson R22 Beta II and R44 Raven II.

We will answer any questions you may have – and you will have many!

Choose A Course That Suits You

The flying courses have a clear structure with 30 flying exercises to learn, practice and perfect. You will need to complete at least 40 hours of flying instruction for an LAPL(H) and 45 hrs for the PPL(H), plus 9 multiple choice written exams and an oral radio test. A huge advantage of learning to fly at an international commercial airport is the real world experience of communicating professionally with Air Traffic Control from day one…. and they are a very helpful & friendly bunch here!

You can choose to complete your licence in a time-frame to suit you. You could do it full-time over just a few weeks or space the training out over several years. There is no pressure – just whatever suits you!

Intro Course

For many people, the PPL is a large investment in both time and money. Many of our students have been out of education for a few years and are nervous about entering into something that requires some study. How do you know if it’s for you? 

With all this in mind, Hummingbird has created the Intro Course. This course is made up of five hours of flight training associated lesson briefs and is charged at the cheapest Gold rate. The flight time all counts towards the 45 hour requirement for the PPL(H). We also give you a Logbook and the R22 or R44 Pilot Flight Guide.

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Getting Started

We work with you from day 1 to understand your goals and will provide completely flexible helicopter flying courses and pricing schemes. We know that everyone is different and has different goals and time-scales


Obtain your Private Pilot Licence at Hummingbird. We offer a range of training programmes to suit your own budget and timescale.
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The Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopters) is your ticket to begin working as a helicopter pilot and earning money for the flying that you do.
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A flight instructor rating is a natural next step after gaining your CPL(H) and is a challenging and rewarding role in flying.
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Private Pilot’s Licence

The Private Pilot’s Licence has a clear structure with 30 flying exercises to learn, practice and perfect. You will need to complete a minimum of 45 hours for the PPL(H), plus 9 multiple choice written exams, a skills test and an oral radio test.

A huge advantage of training at an international airport (as opposed to a ‘grass strip’ airfield) is the interaction with Air Traffic Control that you will experience right from the start…and they are a very helpful and friendly bunch here!

What is the PPL(H)?

PPL stands for ‘Private Pilots Licence’ – the (H) being Helicopter. The PPL(H) is simply a licence to fly any helicopter of any size and with any number of passengers. If you wish to fly another type of helicopter than the one you learnt in, you would have to take a short course to obtain a type-rating for that particular aircraft, and yes we can also do this at Hummingbird.

To gain the PPL(H), you will complete a minimum of 45 hours flight instruction. At least 25 hours will be dual instruction. During the course, you will learn, practice and perfect 30 flying exercises.

If you would like more information on becoming a pilot, you can request a callback. One of us here at Hummingbird will get back to you straight away. 

What you need to do

You will complete a minimum of 45 hours flight instruction. At least 25 hours will be dual instruction. You will need to complete 10 hours of supervised solo flight time, including at least 5 hours of solo cross-country navigation. One of these solo cross-country flights must be 100 nautical miles or more.

During the course, you will learn, practice and perfect 30 flying exercises. You will complete 9 multiple choice written tests (which have a pass mark of 75%) and an oral radio exam. Lastly, you will take your flying Skills Test which we can do in-house. 

The medical requirement for the PPL(H) is a Class 2 medical which will be issued by an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). We will put you in touch with an AME. Click below for more Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens when I’m done?

When you have completed your PPL(H) on the two-seater R22, you may wish to upgrade to the larger R44. This is a 4 seater aircraft which gives you the flexibility to take three passengers and requires a short course to add the type to your private pilots licence. 

Ready to live the dream? The sky’s the limit! To find out more about the PPL(H) contact us here!

See our competitive Price List below and don’t forget – no membership fees, no landing fees…NO HIDDEN COSTS! 

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